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keep messing up folders


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Jul 21, 2010
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HI I seem to be getting in a mess with syncronising my apps . I put them into suitable folders and arrange them logically, and then somehow when i sync my apps I end up with all the apps out of the folders and needing to be organised again. Is there some way i can save the folders I create with the appropriate apps in them?
Have you selected to sync you apps? Also, be sure you have the latest itunes on your computer. Once you have your apps syncing to your computer just put them in folders and sync again. Should save all the locations. Hope that helps!

Yes I'm trying to sync with itunes but for some reason itunes seems to take the apps out of my designated foilders and put them all back individually. don't understand it!
cheers for help
Ok, be sure you have the latest 9.2itunes software installed. Next create your folders restart your phone then sync. Hope that helps!
Go to the sync tab in iTunes and see if the screen layout for the apps is the same as your on your phone. If not, you can move the apps around in iTunes and hopefully it will sync to your phones with the folders.