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Jumping Star - If you like Doodle Jump, you will love Jumping Star


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Jul 19, 2014
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Jumping Star
Available FREE for Iphone / Ipad IOS6+

Jumping Star - the new addictive game for free available now at App Store. . This game is more addictive, funnier, more lively with better graphics and sounds. It is Totally an Addictive Game For Free. This game has lots funny sounds and graphic effects. Is really Awesome. Nice Game 100% Recommended.

Keep jumping upon the sky to get the highest score. Get points between clouds, capture the balloons and coins, use potions and other funny tools to make more points and keep jumping.
But watch out from the bombs, these are really bad. Move your device (Tilt) or touch the screen to keep the Star away from bombs.

What are you waiting for? The game is Free; help the Star to reach the sky and enjoy the funny sounds and animation effects during your adventure.

GameCenter / Facebook and Twitter Integration.