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Jony Ive Calls Apple Watch the “Most Personal Product” Ever Made by Apple


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Jun 18, 2010
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Apple’s design chief Jonathan Ive has been talking about the creation of the Apple Watch to the Financial Times, according to MacRumors, revealing that the team is constantly working on improving the watch, even this close to launch.

“Even now, when the design of the Apple Watch is incredibly mature and has gone through thousands and thousands of hours of evaluation and testing, we’re still working and improving,” Ive told the FT. “You are trying to keep everything fluid for as long as possible because everything is so interconnected. The best products are those where you have optimized each attribute while being very conscious of other parts of the product performance.”

Ive went on to say that the likes the convenience of the watch, and being able to get information at a glance without having to take your phone out of your pocket or bag, such as weather, or calendar events.

“I quite like this sense of almost being careless and just glancing. I think for certain things the wrist is the perfect place for this technology.”

Ive has even overseen the design of the box for the watch, which will be made from such materials as aniline-dyed leather on the outside and ultra-suede on the inside. The box can also be used to charge the watch.

“We didn’t want the packaging to be a sort of shorthand for value, where the box needs to be big and we have to include expensive materials,” explained Ive.

Source: Jony Ive Discusses Design of Apple Watch in Latest Interview - Mac Rumors