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JB iPhone 3Gs at 6.0 firmware.. Stuck on a White Screen after reboot


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Dec 18, 2012
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I'm incredibly desperate, and made an account to ask for help. Two days ago my father gave me his old iPhone 3GS (AT&T). I wanted to unlock it, so I jailbroke it through redsn0w and installed Ultrasn0w and such and I assumed I had unlocked it. I would leave my T-Mobile SIM in there and it would still say Searching, however, so I supposed it wasn't actually unlocked, but it wasn't bothering me at the moment anyway.

After I dealt with trying to put service on my iPhone to no avail, I decided to see what cool stuff could be done on a jailbroke iPhone. I download a few emulators and just try everything out. Everything seemed fine. Then I download and install Winterboard, and it asks to restart my iPhone, so I do it. However when it reboots it's stuck on a white screen. Now I am distressed and have no idea what to do. I've looked everywhere for help, tried every button combo. I tried to restore it however iTunes always gets stuck on "Waiting for iPhone" for no reason. This has been incredibly frustrating and I'm hoping to find a solution to this. I really hope I didn't turn this gift into a paperweight already.

Please help! Thanks.


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Aug 15, 2012
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Force the iPhone to turn off while unplugged. Then hold the volume up button while you plug the iPhone into your computer again. Keep holding it until you get to the springboard again. This happened to me a few times on my 4S's. It's nothing big, just a hiccup. Once you're on your springboard again, open up Cydia, delete Winterboard, and reboot once again. It should be out of purgatory now.