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Itunes App on 13 Pro Max


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May 12, 2018
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I upgraded to the 13 Pro Max a few days ago and I noticed that the movies & tv section of the itunes app was saying that every title I selected was not available so I rebooted the phone and then all titles for purchase are gone entirely now. The music section looks unaffected. When I check my Apple TV & laptop all movies and tv shows are there and available for purchase so it’s isolated to my phone. I chatted with support and after the usual trouble shooting the issue persists so they are supposedly going to have someone from engineering call me tonight although I’m tempted to just return the phone for another one.
When you are in the Apple TV Library section check your recent purchases and the downloaded section. Also, in the ITunes Store check purchases (on the bottom bar). I think once a long time ago, I had to go through one of those and click on items for them to appear on my device. Sorry I can’t be clearer, it was a long time ago but I see you aren’t getting any other clues to check on.