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It's tclmac from Taiwan


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Nov 2, 2010
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Dear all,

Hi, Im Tclmac. How are you doing?
10/30 was my birthday, and I got called to collect my iPhone on 28th of Oct Night.
(in Taiwan, iPhone 4 runs short on supply. People needs to pre-order.)
It's been great.
It's my second smart phone.
First one was Android from HTC Hero. 32G solid state hd proves satisfactory to my need indeed.

I own an iPhone 4 and a Silver Alu. casing Macbook.
2.4 ghz. 4g ram. OSX 10.5.8.

It's been great for the past 3 days.
As I haven't backup battery, I haven't dared to try how long can my phone last.
So far, it's a little bit longer than a day.
So I bought a car-charger as well.

Nothing much to tell, except this is all new to me.
and I hope iPhone4 has served you better as it has been so for me.