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Is there an easier way of uploading iPhone 4S photos (iOS 8.2) to Windows 7 PC?


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Jan 4, 2012
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I have been uploading photos from digital cameras to my Windows PC - I have gone through various Windows versions, now on 7/64, but file handling functions remain virtually unchanged.

It has been fairly intuitive up till now; connect camera/phone to PC with USB cable, open File Explorer, find camera device, open it, locate DCIM folder, open it, and copy/move image files to an appropriate folder on the PC. Easy-peasy!

That is, until I got my iPhone 4S (even the 3G I had before that fell into the above procedure well) - now I find inside 'DCIM', a large number of different folders with unpronounceable names, all showing the same creation date, and all of the image files within these folders showing the same creation and modified date, and they seem to be randomly distributed among the various folders - there's no logic that I can identify. Yes, once I have identified the pictures I last took, laboriously searching each and every folder on the iPhone, and looking at each and every image, I can copy these off to the PC, but boy, is it a drag? I have no idea why Apple changed their way of organising image files on the 4S, but for Windows users, it's a real pain. Finding images for import has become extraordinarily complicated.

Sadly, the 'Import' function provided with Windows 7 (right-click on phone device icon) is equally unhelpful, as it imports everything from the phone to one folder, which helps not at all with sorting out new and old images. I don't want to clear off all my older images from the phone when I upload some of them to the PC, and I don't want to waste time reimporting image files that have already been imported - why should I need to?

Can anyone suggest a more intelligent way of doing this? I have googled the question, but found nothing beyond what I already knew.

Yours exasperatedly,

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