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Is the iPhone 4 too Scratchable and Smashable?


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Jun 18, 2010
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We’ve already heard from JohnnyApple on the iPhone 4 Forum about two possible major design flaw issues with the iPhone 4, namely possible screen discolouration and reception issues according to how you hold it, now CrunchGear is reporting that the iPhone 4’s Gorilla Glass isn’t scratch-proof and shatters when dropped. They show a picture of the back of a newly purchased iPhone 4 with a clear scratch on it already, although there’s no word as to how the scratch occurred. Was it something you’d expect to scratch even the toughest surface, such as a rusty nail, or was in something very unlikely, such as the merest brush of a kitten’s whisker? We’ll have to wait and see if more reports of mysterious scratches come in during launch day and beyond.

Crunch Gear also reports the sad tale of a friend of one of their readers who dropped his new iPhone 4 (which he received early in the mail on June 23rd) from about a foot off the ground, and found that the glass at the back shattered and needed to be replaced. As with the scratch issue, it remains to be seen if this is just an isolated incident. Let’s hope so!

Source: CrunchGear.com
more scratchable? my other iphones dropped loads and nothing would happen to them