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Is Apple stock set to go to $350 by years end?


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May 27, 2010
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I've been watching the Apple stock price for quite a while now and it sure has been a fun ride. From $7 per share just 8 years ago to a peak of just shy under $280 earlier this year.

Does that mean we can expect $280 to be the peak? Well, that's where we want to hear your opinions. A columnist on MarketWatch.com just set the price target before years end to $350/share and I must admit that I think it's possible.

Between the recent release of some really awesome ipod updates, the new Apple TV and potential Verizon iPhone's hitting the streets... I think it's in fact somewhat likely.

What are your thoughts? Do you think these will be successes or just more of the same?

Source: Why Apple’s headed to $350 by year end - The Cody Word - MarketWatch

*Note: I own Apple stock


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Aug 27, 2010
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Last year in November, Apples stock was selling at 100 to150.that was before the iPad was even released. I've seen it hit 270 earlier this year! Apple has nowhere to go but up. They are innovative and most people see them as a Model of American endurance. They are Americas Sweetheart right now, and they are earning like crazy! One analyst predicted Apple stock to top at 400 in 2011. I see Apple taking over more smaller mobile device companies in an attempt to become the Biggest Mobile Device company in the Globe. My only gripe with Apple is all the Manufacturing is done overseas. That would be fine if the prices reflected that, but they don't. The Markup on their products is ridiculous. They are of good quality, but I wish they wouldn't be so damn greedy!