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IPhone Insurance vs Factory Warranty - ensquared.com


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Oct 25, 2010
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Delray Beach USA
Ensquared through its Site Ensquared.com has quickly established itself as the leading
phone insurance company in the USA. Any American customer researching phone insurance will one way or another connect with the Ensquared insurance products offered on iPhone, Android, Wndows and Blackberry devices.

As a rule In US cell insurance has been a prevalent offer program for many years and is a multi-million $ industry. There is often confusion when reviewing products and understanding the difference between phone insurance and Phone warranties. Ensquared has consistently put out articles on its Site to educate its customers

Firstly, customers should know that there is a factory warranty on all devices, including iPhone devices that covers buyers for factory defects in Year one – but factory defects only. When extended warranty is offered it still only covers factory defects (which is not accidental damage), but in the second year after factory warranty expires. This is most often offered by companies that do not really insure for multiple claims on damage, loss or theft; or give a capped warranty value. Capped means that once it is used up (often only 1 claim or less) all that is left for the buyer of the coverage is extended warranty.

There is a vast difference between providers offering warranties and those offering core phone insurance like Ensquared – the leader in its field, and foremost on the Internet in North America covering US and Canada The key differences boil down to coverage for Accidental Damage (spills, drops, breakages - you name it) as well as Lost or Stolen. Most important a premium buys the insured at least two claims in one year for maximum $1000 per claim (at Ensquared anyway) and three claims in two years. Each claim is independent of any other, which is not the case with warranties. Warranties result in capped value being reduced with each claim. Also: It is notable that warrantors are often self-covered while insurers are in partnership with a licensed recognized underwriter like Fortegra in US. This gives the insured a lot of comfort, makes the pedigree transparent and does not confuse the buyer with convoluted products that are either one off claim programs or are covering only factory defects once the factory back-up falls away.

All this is very pertinent especially on Android Insurance coverage where accidental damage or losing one’s device is very expensive. Warranties falls way short of meeting requirements of the many iPhone owners; where losing your phone in the snow is a biggie and damages are generally irreparable and absolutely require full replacement. Extended warranty cover is like stopping a bullet with tissue paper by comparison to real cell insurance, by comparison an armor plated product

Visit www.ensquared.com for more information and to purchase real iPhone insurance online.

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