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iPhone Helps to Brings Art to the New York Subway


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Jun 18, 2010
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The New York Times' City Room blog has a really nice story today about an artist who likes to secretly draw portraits of people on his iPhone when he rides the New York subway. The undercover artist, a freelance radio producer called Eric Molinsky, draws people that he finds interesting on the subway using only his iPhone, his finger and the SketchBook app. He then publishes the sketches on his blog, which is a really wonderful collection of almost 300 drawings, all done since February this year.

According to The City Room, Molinsky used to work as an animator for the TV cartoon Rugrats, and now broadcasts on subjects pertaining to the arts for Studio 360, a weekly radio show from Public Radio and WNYC.

Molinksy tells the Times that sketching on the subway can have its problems, such as a blocked line of sight, or frequent bumps and jolts, but the end result is well worth it, especially when he comes up with a portrait that he feels has really captured the essence of his subject “to the point where you look at the drawing and you think the person is just going to start talking to you.”

Be sure to check out Eric Molinsky's art, and if you're suitably inspired, you can download SketchBook Mobile here for $2.99, or get the free SketchBook MobileX version here.

Source: New York Times - City Room

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