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iPhone and Pop account....frustrating!


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Sep 8, 2011
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San Diego, CA
Hello all, newbie here and love my iphone BUT i'm having an issue with my email set up.

1st, let me say that my gmail account works great with my iphone. I am in and out of the office all day. If i'm out of the office and i get an email to my google account, i can check it on my phone and if i want to keep it new i will select "mark as unread"...This is great because i will respond when i get back to the office. When i do get to the office that new email is in bold as if i never checked it from my phone.. Perfect.

Now for my problem. I have another email account (pop).... Same scenario, if i'm out of the office and an email comes in on this pop account and i check it, then select "mark as unread".... When i do this and go back to my office that email will not be in bold therefore i miss it because it's not highlighted. It's as if i read it from my computer but i did from my iphone only. Again, i'm selecting the "mark as unread" option....

How do i fix this??

Thanks in advance,