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iPhone 8+ will not remain connected to Samsung S23 Ultra hotspot


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Mar 7, 2023
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By choice, my iPhone 8+ does not have a SIM card. Instead, when not on WiFi infrastructure I connect to the hotspot on my Samsung smartphone whenever I need to use the iPhone.

When the hotspot was on my S10, this combination worked with total reliability for the four years that I used it.

Last week I switched to a S23 Ultra and now have two problems: The iPhone no longer auto-joins the Samsung hotspot and also disconnects from it within seconds of the iPhone screen going dark such as during a call. No settings have been changed on either device, the S23 inheriting the set up from the S10 without me needing to do anything.

I have tried deleting the S23 hotspot and creating a new one with a different name and password but the problem remains.

No problems exist with the iPhone both auto-joining conventional WiFi AND remaining connected to it when the screen goes dark or the device is locked; it is only when hotspotting from the S23 that I have the lack of auto-join and the disconnection problem on dark screen. All Android and Windows devices that I have tried remain connected to the S23 hotspot at all times. It is only the iPhone client to S23 hotspot combination that doesn't play nicely.

Ideas to try, please? I have not found anything online other than an S21 or S22 user (I forget which) with the same problem and no answers to their post.

Some further insight:

Samsung (hotspot)
Android 13
Power saving is OFF

iPhone (client)
iOS version 16.2
Low power mode is OFF
Auto join is ON
Low Data Mode is OFF
Private WiFi Address is OFF
Limit IP Address tracking is OFF
Configure IP is AUTOMATIC
Configure DNS is AUTOMATIC
HTTP Proxy is OFF

With many thanks.