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iPhone 7 Plus Packaging Images Reveal Inclusion of Lightning EarPods and Headphone Jack Adapter


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Jun 18, 2010
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iPhone 7 Plus packaging leaks.JPG

AppleInsider reports that Techtastic.nl has today published images of what looks like packaging material for the forthcoming iPhone 7 Plus. The text shown on the packaging reveals various items that are included in the iPhone 7 Plus box, along with the phone itself, such as EarPods with Lightning Connector, as well as a Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter.

The insert also confirms the many previous rumours that there will be a 256GB storage option, doubling the current maximum available storage of 128GB.

While there’s no proof that the documents are genuine, they certainly look pretty authentic, and so close to the launch of the next iPhone it’s highly likely that such materials would be available. If experience of past iPhone launches is anything to go by, this is usually right around the time that such packaging and other paraphernalia leaks.

Source: Purported 'iPhone 7 Plus' packaging shows Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter in box, 256GB storage