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iphone 6 wont remember user name or passwords


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Oct 6, 2012
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So on my 6, there are some forums and sites that I have a user name and passwords. But even thought I check the ''remember me'' box these site wont remember me when I go back to the site. I went into my settings and checked the allow cookies for site I visit and ''names and passwords'' is turned on. Any other things I can check to get this fixed. Thanks
You can also go into iCloud settings and turn iCloud Keychain on. This will remember the username and password for most sites you visit.
Well I changed the Keychain in icloud and that didn't make a difference. Also in Safari I changed Do Not Track back and forth, changed the Block Cookies between the diff settings, have names and
Still... make sure safari is not in private browsing mode... Press the bottom right icon (the 2 overlapping square) and see if the word private on the bottom left (it will show when you press the icon) is highlighted, press it to unhighlight.
I think both or either of your device and the site that can remember has a problem remembering it.
Juan, bingo you were rt on the spot. I check and the PRIVATE was highlighted. I must have hit it by mistake sometime. Thanks to all for your inputs. Will keep them all in mind.