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iPhone 6 Plus (Mostly) Survives a 7,000 Foot Sky Dive Without a Parachute


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Jul 27, 2011
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Richard Ryan, the tech blogger at RatedRR is at it again with another extreme video of the new iPhone 6 getting torture-tested. This time he thought of a very creative way to have the highest drop test yet for an iPhone. He took it sky diving and dropped it at around 7,000 feet.

Shockingly, the phone actually survives the fall with most of its functionality intact. Its screen was obviously shattered, but he was able to locate it with GPS and the handy Find My iPhone app. Other than the broken display, the phone seemed to be working fine after he found it. Just to be safe, he also attached a backup GPS to the device, in case its own internal GPS failed.

This video is actually the last of 6 different torture tests that Ryan performed. We wonder what he will do with the Apple Watch once it hits store shelves...