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IPhone 6/6Plus touch Screen Disease


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Nov 4, 2016
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i read about this a month ago after my iPhone 6Plus started acting odd. You will be working on the phone and the touch screen will randomly start to freeze and doesn't respond. Other symptoms are it won't sync with Bluetooth devices and wifi won't connect. As things start to degrade you miss calls. It's called the Touch Screen Disease. Another symptom is the screen starts to flash at the top with a wavy blue bar.

It only affects the 6 and the 6Plus. What apparently happens is because the phone is thin it tends to flex. The chip that controls the touch screen becomes partially dislodged and the pin connections aren't properly seated to the board.

I took my phone to an Apple Store and they are aware of the issue, but there only solution, if the phonenis out of warranty is to replace it for $350. There is a class action lawsuit against Apple regarding this issue.

My workaround is to give the phone a slight twist and that makes it stop for the time being. Since I'm do for an upgrade, I decided to get the 7Plus. Of course it's backorderd and it was a six week wait. I should get it in two weeks. Until then I just deal with the problem.


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Oct 29, 2015
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You are not the first to post about this problem.