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iPhone 5s' A7 processor is built by Samsung


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Nov 27, 2012
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We know that Apple and Samsung are arch-rivals, being involved in a never ending global patent battle. However, this hasn’t stopped the two companies from working together on iPhone 5s’ new processor, the A7, that also comes with a new, 64-bit architecture.

Chipworks, in conjunction with repair specialists from iFixit, have discovered during iPhone 5s’ teardown that the ​​new A7 processor comes from Samsung’s fabrication facilities.

"We have confirmed through early analysis that the device is fabricated at Samsung's Foundry”

Chipworks also found that the M7 co-processor, that Apple says will be responsible for motion sensing, is an NXP LPC18A1 chip believed to be based on an ARM Cortex-M3 core. NXP Semiconductors is Dutch company, part of the Philips group.

Speaking to Korea Times, Samsung also said that it’s going to release smartphones with the 64-bit architecture:

“Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality,”

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