Iphone 5, 4, 3 Velcro® belt clip kit that requires no case

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    There is a new way to carry your iPhone 4 or 5 using a unique
    velcro® mounted belt clip that is much
    lighter than a case. Weighs less than 1 ounce.
    It can attach to the back of the iPhone or an existing case or battery case
    to provide a secure clip.
    Here are some of the features:
    $cliphandbright.jpg $kitupdate.jpg
    *Velcro® on both sides of “Smart” Belt Clip

    *Belt clip that needs no case!
    *Works with Iphone & Smartphones
    *Position clip where needed on back of phone

    *Phone Tilts to watch TV & Movies
    *Extra Velcro® hook side pad included to attach phone to any surface
    *High temp Velcro® strong grip

    *Hook/Loop Velcro® on opposite sides of clip
    *Kit is available in either White or Black

    *3 1/2" smooth loop Velcro Pad Attaches to the back of the phone or to any plastic, metal, leather or rubber case
    *Light weight less that one ounce!
    *Brand new product designed for iPhone 5

    works with all iPhones and most smart phones
    *Strong grip metal clip provides secure attachment to belt, visor, and any surface

    this new product is "patent pending"

    See it at:
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    Moving this to iPhone 5 accessory and out of User News Submissions.


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