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iphone 4S static (when listening to music in my car)


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Jun 29, 2011
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For some reason I get static everytime I plug my iphone 4S into my aux input to listen to music and it only happens once I start the music, once I pause it there is still static that doesn't come from the audio itself. This is frustrating since when I use my ipod or any other iphone model I get a completely clean signal. I thought it was an issue with my iphone 4S so i took it to the apple store and they gave me a new one, BUT IT HAPPENED AGAIN! So, I tried my iphone 4S in some of my friend's aux inputs and got a clean signal, yet, when they used their iphone 4S in my car they got the same problem that happened when I used my iphone 4S. Finally, today I took it to best buy geek squad to have them look at it. Apparently, its a problem with my head unit, I feel like I'll have to invest in a head unit which at this point i don't care considering it most likely won't surpass the price of a $400 64GB iphone 4S. I'm still extremely angry and frustrated over this problem, but I wanted to know if anyone else has been experiencing this same problem or something similar to it. If you have, do you know of any cost efficient head units that head units that could be installed into an 05 toyota corolla? Maybe thats a little too specific, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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