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iPhone 4s self discharge


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Oct 4, 2012
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Hi guys,
Is it normal for a fully charged iPhone to discharge about 20% after 1 week? I have an ipad, and ipod and I dont see this issue on them, i mean i turn them off and the next time I open them, even a month after, they usually just lose no more than 5% over that time. Thanks.
It's normal. Your phone is constantly refreshing your cellular signal to ensure that you're getting the strongest signal. If you have data running and data fetching turned on, or wifi running and data fetching on, that would drain it. 20% a week is what I used to get prior to getting my replacement. Now, I'd be lucky to get 20% every 2 days on light days.
Ow... Sorry I wasnt able to mention that the phone is actually off the whole time... I think the 20% drain at this state is too large...
Hi Guys,

Its often, iPhone & any other cell phone is actually refreshing network signals and apps. then that would be consume battery.
How do you guys get such great battery life? I have to charge my phone every night or it won't make it through the next day??
Nothing. It just makes me wonder how you guys do it.

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