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iPhone 4's on the Ebay


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May 27, 2010
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So, I wonder how much people are going to be able to scalp the iPhone 4 for? Seems to me with the next batch not expected until July 14th, these phones will fetch a premium.
ebay is filled with iphone 4 pre orderes for well over 1000 and then you get idiot scammers who send you fake money orders and damn them to hell..

i would not go to ebay unless i was really desperate for a iphone and had to wait until september to get one from stores
I was half tempted to sell mine after I saw what they are going for. It's crazy really.
yes its crazy but some people might pay to get it quicker if their country wont have it until late like september
OK, I am going to buy a phone and resell it on Ebay. I am happy with my N1, and I am eligible for an upgrade. I don't have a problem with a 2-year data contract.

So what should I do when I get phone?
Do I need to pull out the microSIM? Or will the new owner be able to activate it?

I don't want the buyer to be able to run around on my number and account.