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iphone 4s is becoming naff or is it supplier


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Nov 24, 2011
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just recently upgraded from i phone 3gs which had a signal on O2 almost everywhere i go even abroad.I could switch off 3g and if i for some insane reason i didnt have a signal i could still get video etc from you tube etc on 3g. Now i have a iphone 4s which is supposed to be far superior in speed, downloads and video online, Load of shite when you consider i cant get a signal most of the places i go (home, work etc) and if i cant get a signal i certainly cant get 3g cause my carrier says my top of the range best in the world and even apple say this on tv the best phone yet!!!!!! doesnt have 3g. I have paid a lot more money for a phone that supposed to have all bells and whistles but i cant contact anyone or use my phone unless i have wi fi connected.......I think this is very very very poor:mad:

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