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iPhone 4S (Dropping All Calls and Delaying Texts)


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Oct 10, 2012
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So I just got this 3G iPhone 4S on Sunday from Sprint and have been experiencing serious issues with all my calls being dropped and not getting or receiving texts for hours until after they're sent. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with tech spport last night of which my calls were dropped over 8 times and in the end all they said was the tower seems to be fine but they would send someone out to check on it in the next 72 hours. I went back to the Sprint store and all they did was exchange the phone for me. When I am at my home or around my town I never have more than 1-2 bars at most, I have to go to a major city to achieve full service, but seeing as I work and live where I need the phone service this is not helping me. I am new to Sprint and so far am extremely unhappy with the service and the answers I'm getting. The guy at the Sprint store told me if the new phone didn't work for me as long as I called within 14 days they might be able to send me a free router to boost my signal at home. That is incredibly ridiculous to me, I need a booster for my brand new iPhone?? What about when I leave my house like everyday when I go to work, lol. Is there anything I can do myself because these people are not helping me at all. I did the required iOS 6 update too, but can anything else be done outside of canceling my brand new service?

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Apr 27, 2011
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Welcome to the world of Sprint. They are rated one of the worst cellular providers in the US. And for very good reason as you are finding out first hand.

Their offer of a femtocell (a mini-cell tower for your house that uses YOUR internet connection to work) is actually a nice gesture. But you pointed out the biggest issue. What if you are 100 yards from your house. Doesn't help much.

I would suggest checking into Verizon, (and this pains me to type) AT&T or T-Mobile ASAP.