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iphone 4 stuck on voice over

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Apr 9, 2011
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:phone:Hi Everyone, im new and have been searching for help! I was testing the voice over and couldnt seem to get it off, so i turned my phone off and now i cant open it, and voice over is telling me the time every minute..Could someone help me??
Thanks Loulou
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Hi Loulou, welcome to iPhoneForums.net

Have a read here, specifically Tip#3 in this 'sticky' >

You mentioned you have been 'searching for help', I'm not so sure that this 'Faq' sub-forum is the best place for your topic! You would get more responses in the forum one level up. (iPhone 4 Help)

Please search these FAQ topics anyway, because they may still be helpful ;)
Hello. I just learned how to unlock my iPhone that I also turned on Voice-Over. What you need to do is get to your unlock screen by first touching the bar at the bottom of your screen. Voice-Over will tell you what you have touched, then swipe up as usual. That should take you to your unlock screen. Once there, touch the first digit of your lock code, Voice-Over will tell you what you have touched then double tap that same digit. follow this same process and your phone should unlock. Next say "Hey Siri turn off Voice-Over." that should do it!
Good Luck and next time you want to see what something does, check out a tutorial. I have found it a lot less troublesome. LOL
This thread was started 11 years ago, and many features have changed since then. Also, the OP hasn’t returned for quite some time. Closed.
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