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iPhone 4 Refusing to enter DFU Mode


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Nov 1, 2010
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After recently updating my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.3 (8J2) i decided to take the time to jailbreak. Needless to say as you probably have already gotten from the title, i have not been able to get it to enter DFU mode.

Before i go into any details please know i am not new to DFU mode, nor jailbreaking, i have successfully accomplished this on other devices the first try, every time. I'm not trying to imply I'm a C++, C# wizard either. I have been trying for weeks now and am in genuine need of assistance.

iPod touch 3 running 3.2.1+, success every time.
iPod touch 4 running 4.1+, success every time.
iPhone 3gs running 4.0+, success every time.
iPhone 4 (gsm) running 4.3.3, FAILURE every time.

I have been viewing other forums, and tutorials, even seen it done on youtube. Right up front i want to say, I'm not doing it wrong. I know to hold power/sleep for 10 seconds then release power/sleep but keep holding home for another 15, it just doesn't work. The other times I've done it (albeit on different devices) i've noticed that if done correctly, the apple logo won't show up at all during the process.

The problem i've been running into the last 200 times I've tried, is that when holding the power/home buttons the phone starts to boot back up normally (the apple logo shows) in about 8.5 seconds. This being the case, it ends up in recovery mode, every single time I try. I did see on some guides that if it ends up in recovery, you held it to long. So, i tried varying the time, with no different results.

My question is, whats going wrong? I've been trying to do research myself to no avail, and so finally after nearly being driven mad. I decided to see if anyone has run into this before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just in case it makes a difference, the reason I need to do this is for business purposes, i previously (on my iPhone 3gs) purchased MyWi and am in desperate need of it due to my being out of town/away from a network so much. This is so i can use dropbox to show off presentations to customers on the company iPad (cant afford the data plan on the iPad+iPhone, have to choose. Also cant afford the extra tethering charges on the built in option)

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