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iPhone 4 question


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Nov 12, 2010
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Heyy! I just wanna ask, coz my uncle is buying me an iPhone 4 in states, and Im probably getting it on december, I just wanna know about know about the basebands? or How will I know if I can unlock it? And I read some comments, there are many problems in unlocking the iPhone 4, example like, using different simcards that iTunes can't read or the iPhone can't read coz the sim card is not activated to the iPhone..The internet or 3G of the iPhone 4 doest work? something like that.. Should I still tell my uncle to buy me one in the states?
If you buy one in the states it will be locked to AT&T. If your planing on using it in a different country your better buying a factory unlocked one direct from apple. They are not available in the US but are available in the UK. There are other apple stores that unlocked ones are available aswell...
It is possible to get it unlocked but the best way is to get it factory unlocked .