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iPhone 4 Protection Not All It's Cracked Up To Be


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Jun 7, 2010
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Just when you thought you were doing your beautiful new iPhone 4 a favor by protecting it with a case, we find out that it could actually do more harm than good.

Gizmodo is reporting today that there could be a major design flaw in the iPhone 4 that could cause excessive cracking:

"non-bumper cases that slide onto the iPhone 4 can cause scratching when particles get between the case and the glass. Those scratches can lead to serious cracking in no time."

This is scary news to most as not only do cases cause more damage than good, but these cases that we presumed to be safe aren't cheap!

Read more about this news here: iPhone 4 Design Flaw Could Lead to Epidemic of Cracked iPhones
that's alot of screw ups for a company claiming to learn from their mistakes!
and that's according to Steve i heard him saying something like that in one of the videos for the iphone 4 can't remember which one.
Guess I wasn't behind the game by not getting a case, I was actually ahead of it!

Protip: Sew a soft dustcloth to the inside of your pockets and you will have a sparkly new screen every time you take your phone out.
shut up shitmodo you people suck, never listen to anything they have to say
my wife is always like,"why do you need a protective film on the back and a case?"
its the little wins when your happily married