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iPhone 4 Parts tear-down and Cost Estimate


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Jun 18, 2010
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Bloomberg Businessweek reports today on a fascinating teardown and pricing of the 16GB iPhone 4's individual components by market research firm iSuppli. According to iSuppli, the Retina screen is the phone's most expensive component, costing $28.50. iSuppli said that it's most likely that the Retina screen was made by LG Display. They also investigated the gyroscope chip which is designed to detect the iPhone 4's movement in three dimensions for more realistic gameplay, saying that it was supplied by Geneva-based STMicroelectronics at an approximate cost of $2.60, and they also spyed an accelerometer chip which cost approximately $0.60. iSuppli says that the touch-sensitive glass covering the display is probably made by Wintek in Taiwan and TPK-Balda, a joint operation between a German and Chinese firm.

Interestingly enough, not one of the companies that iSuppli named as making specific parts responded to Bloomberg Businessweek's attempts to verify iSuppli's findings, indicating that Apple is still as keen as ever on maintaining secrecy about its component suppliers.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek