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iphone 4 on BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express


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Oct 8, 2010
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I am thinking of purchasing a iPhone G4 but need to know if it is compatible with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. They also run Outlook 2010 and Maximizer 11 CRM.
I don't think any apple device is going to be compatible with a blackberry service seeing as they are competitors.... What all are you trying to do? The iPhone supports MS Exchange.
We currently use Oulook 2010 pop3 as our mail service which is synchronized to our CRM software Maximier 11. The problem we are having is that is we receive or respond to an e-mail from our Blackberry's the e-mail does not appear in Outlook or Max. With the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express they will. So I was wonderingif the iPhone 4 would be able to do this as well or will I have to purchase the "TORCH" :(
It supports most mail accounts. Obviously you would havetoo send your mail either to outlook or another mail account that is supported by apple but I don't see how that would be any more complex than the bb service you already have setup.
Thank you DannyBoy. I guess if worse comes to worse, I will have one phone for personal use and one for business use.

Thanks once again for your quick replies.