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iPhone 4 Just the Job for Washington D.C. Reporter


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Jun 18, 2010
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PoynterOnline has an interesting interview today with Neal Augenstein, a radio reporter at WTOP for the past 14 years, covering the Washington D.C. area, who talks about how it is now entirely possible for him to do his job using only his iPhone. Augenstein tells interviewer Damon Kiesow that he previously carried around a laptop with Adobe Audition, a Comrex Access unit, a Marantz PMD620 and a Shure SM63 in order to do his job, adding that his equipment had to be top-of-the-range because WTOP has a strong FM signal with both online and mobile listeners tuning in, so good quality audio was vital. “A phone-quality voicer is only acceptable in a breaking news situation,” he explained.

Augenstein also said that prior to the iPhone, he would often find it challenging to get an interview to air quickly because of how long it took his laptop to boot up, in a situation when literally every minute counted.

Since he started using his iPhone 4, however, Augenstein says that he hasn’t used his laptop since February, and he can usually get a fully edited clip ready for broadcast by the newsroom in 10 minutes flat.

Augenstein says that his main app of choice is VeriCorder’s VC Audio Pro ($5.99), and he also recommends the Monle audio editing app ($9.99). As far as microphones go, he’s happy using the iPhone 4’s built-in microphone.

Source: PoynterOnline

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