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iphone 4 ios 5 jailbroken wont connect to pc via usb cable


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Mar 12, 2012
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Dear i am new to this forums and i have searched all over the net for solution none of them helped, i have iphone 4 ios5 jailbroken and i cannot connect it to pc via usb cable it wont recognize my iphone 4 and in device manager also wont show up. and my bro also have same iphone 4 with ios5 jailbroken he's phone can connect to pc and can sync to itunes but not mine i have tried my iphone to connect to many different pc but still no hope, i have tried all solution which people mention on web sites to get connect to pc to sync with itunes none of them helped now its going to be almost a month, any help guys i really appreciate it thanks in advance.

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