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iPhone 4 Full Colorswap - Releasing this Friday!



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Oct 4, 2010
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Any member on this forum that is having a case dispute opened or needs to speak to us regarding some issues you're having, please contact us at support(at)jifixdirect.com. The company has a new management and we are doing our best to settle cases. Please do not take this as an opportunity to try and get a refund if you damaged the parts, we are very thorough with each claim and we have spotted a lot of shady customers that not only stole the previous owners replacement iPhone units but tried to file a claim against us to get a refund for the white parts they were responsible for breaking. This is a direct notice to all to avoid all dealings with an individual by the name of Edward Tabus who stole company property and attempted to defraud the money he spent on the parts.

This business took a rough hit with the previous management being incapable to fulfill the capacity but we have came up with ways to ensure your prompt delivery and individual unit testing. All orders placed for kits will be fulfilled by Amazon Fulfillment which is a trusted brand in the shipping industry that delivers promptly. Each unit that leaves our facility will be a tested by a worker manually.

We will be releasing a more formal post shortly. Thank you

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