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iPhone 3GS, error 9 when restoring, Never been Jailbroken


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Oct 28, 2012
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I will describe the events that unfolded. I wanted to update my iPhone 3GS's operating system to iOS6, so I tried to do that, but the status bar thing displayed on the iPhone seemed stuck at like 60%, so I thought maybe if I forced a shutdown and restarted the updating, then it might work. iTunes then tells me that the phone is in recovery mode and that it needs to be restored to its factory settings, and then it will update the software to the latest version. This keeps getting stuck at 75%, and does not continue(iTunes displays "Verifying iPhone Restore". At this point, I updated iTunes, used a different USB port, and restarted my computer. It still didn't work. I left it over night, but when I woke up I got error 9. What can be done?

The phone was never jailbroken or any of that sort of stuff.

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