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iphone 3gs bricked?


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Jun 10, 2013
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hello everyone Im new to an iphone and apple altogether. My sister gave me her old 3gs never been jailbroken,its an gsm from at&t got ****** to unlock it from at&t and asked at&t to unlock it personally both did.now itunes hardly ever recognises it .its in recovery mode but throws errors trying to restore.2002 a few times but mostly 1604.tried putting it in dfu mode wont do it.dont know the firmware version or ios version nor the baseband.is there an tool to find this on an bricked phone?how do i fix this? THANKS
btw its newer 3gs bootrom not old one
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Aug 15, 2012
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160X errors are from driver issues. Try the following in sequential order
  1. Uninstall your USB drivers and reboot your computer. Retry restoring
  2. Uninstall both your USB drivers as well as iTunes from your computer. Reboot, reinstall iTunes, retry restoring.
  3. Create a new user on your computer or use another computer, and retry restoring.
Make sure that the device is in DFU mode before attempting to restore. If you get other issues (not 160X issues), before repeating the restore process, post the error here so we can further diagnose the problem.

The current iOS version shouldn't matter if you're restoring the device. As for the baseband, make sure that the device was not relying on UltraSn0w first. If this is the first time you or your sister has ever heard of it, then simply ignore this and you won't have to worry about the baseband.

If you're unaware of how to restore while in DFU mode, simply put the device into DFU mode (tutorial on how to do it here as well for your convenience and/or reference) while your device is plugged in, open up iTunes if not already open, go to your device's profile (on the left side taskbar of iTunes, you should see the device on the side). Find the "Restore" button. Now hold Shift and click the Restore button, and point it to the iOS 6.1.3 IPSW. If you've attempted to simply press Restore already, then you already have the IPSW (basically Apple's version of a .rar or .zip file). After shift+clicking Restore, the Windows explorer will show up. Now navigate to "C:/Users/<username here>/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates" And point it to the file with an IPSW extension/file type. This is just a reiteration of what you've done or done similarly before.

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