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Iphone 3GS 16gb locked in restore mode - help please


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Jan 5, 2012
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I have had my Iphone 3GS 16gb from new and never messed with it - its not jail broken or anything similar.

I noticed that I was on 4.2.1 and needed to upgrade to ver 5 to run some of the latest apps.
I connected to Itunes - and my phone was not recognised. ( my pc runs Windows XP) - however it was recognised in My Computer to extract pictures.

I tried the Apple help guides - including re-installing Itunes - updating drivers - etc etc - but I could not get Itunes to display my phone.

So I carried out a system restore on the PC - and it took a long time - so I borrowed a laptop - installed Itunes - and it showed my phone

I clicked on check for updates - but was instructed that I needed to restore ...
So I decided to do a Restore - knowing that I would lose everything on the phone .
This then prompted me to agree to a Restore and Update
After a message displayed telling me that Apple was Extracting software - it then told me at the top of the screen that it was preparing Iphone for restore - but the box in the middle of the screen told me that Itunes was restoring the software on my phone.

After an age - an error message came up with an error code .... THE iPHONE "iPHONE" COULD NOT BE RESTORED.AN UNKNOWN ERROR OCCOURED (2003)

So I tried again and again - and tried all the different USB ports as suggested.
The error codes to date are 1604 , 2003

Fed up - I returned to my pc which has now finished restoring - and now - Itunes recognised my phone.

Yet again - I went for a restore - as it was the only option available - however - the system stopped during the Preparing phone for restore - and now when I retry - I notice that Itunes does not know the following :

My phone capacity
My software version
My phone serial number
my phone number

I have tried repeatedly following the advice on Apples site - and Im left facing the same problem of my phone locked in restore mode with the symbol on the phone showing the graphic to connect to Itunes.

Can this be fixed here - or does it need to go to a specialist

All help gratefully received , answered and acted upon

Cheers and thanks

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