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iPhone 3GS 1 Year Anniversary


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Now we all know that this is an iPhone 4 based forum. That doesn't mean that we should forget about the iPhone 4's predecessor that was a step to getting us here.

With the price going down to $99 and ability to run iOS 4, the 3GS is still going to be very much alive. At least until next year where they will most likely cut it off completely.

With that covered, lets all say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY iPhone 3GS", since the majority of us are using the device currently.
Wooooohoooo I have just had mine 1 year ;) I have really enjoyed it...I dont think you really notice how much faster it is untill you try to play with the 3G again..lol
Lol, didn't get mine on launch day but still think it is great and looking forward to tomorrow. And as it is fathers day today in the UK my dog has kindly brought me a nice card with a £25 itunes voucher in.

So can have a look round the app store for things I would like but would not normally buy!
i only used the three gee es once in a supermarket (tesco) and i liked it but what made me decide to not get it, (andim glad i dident) not that the phone sucks because i was very impressed with the S, speed but the design was the same so i felt like i was going to buy the same phone again, when i get a new phone i want it to have a new design . but it did well the 3gs. the first iphone is not even on their website any more lol i wonder why