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Iphone 3G not entering DFU mode


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Jan 17, 2013
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[h=5]Hello, i need some help. I'm having a hard time to put my iphone 3G in DFU mode. It got stuck in recovery mode. Why this?

Actually I was trying to restore it but I'm having error 1015. So dats y I want to put it in DFU mode.[/h]


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Aug 15, 2012
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Are you doing it correctly? 9 out of 10 users with this same problem are in Recovery Mode thinking that the device is in DFU mode. To make sure that your device is in DFU mode, download the latest version of RedSn0w, which is 0.9.15 beta 3 and run it as an administrator. Stay at this home screen. Plug your device in and put it into DFU mode. Once you've done that, look at the bottom of the home screen of the RedSn0w application and it should say "iPhone 3G (DFU mode)" This signifies DFU mode. If it says you're in Recovery Mode, you're in recovery mode. RedSn0w never lies. Also, did you by any chance flash your iPhone to the iPad baseband to unlock using UltraSn0w
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