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iOS 8 Translator Keyboard App now Available, Use it to Translate Text From One Language to Another


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Nov 27, 2012
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iOS 8 has brought support for system wide third-party keyboards for the first time, which made developers produce even more innovative apps than the existing ones. Take for example Translator Keyboard, a new third-party keyboard which helps quickly translate text from one language to another, without the need for a separate translation app.

The app comes with fast and accurate online translation using industry leading translation API. iPhone and iPad users can translate to 44 different languages and from 30 different ones. You can also change the source and target language straight from the keyboard, which is pretty nice.

Translator Keyboard’s autocorrection will correct your spelling in whichever language you are writing in. The app is available for a price of $1.99 on the iTunes store.

Source: iTunes