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iOS 7 Beta 2 Introduces New Welcome Screen, Updated Siri Voices, iCloud Fixes, & More


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Jul 27, 2011
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After their rousing success with the reveal if iOS7 recently, Apple isn't resting. Some intriguing new tweaks and features have appeared in Apple's iOS 7 Beta 2 including an enhanced New Welcome Screen, Updated Siri Voices, iCloud Fixes, Voice Memos App and more. Here's a quote with a breakdown of the new changes,

Welcome Screen: iOS 7 beta 2 introduced a new Welcome Screen that asks for an iCloud password, allows users to turn on iMessages and choose associated email addresses, and set up a passcode on the device.

Voice Memos: The Voice Memos app was missing from the first iOS 7 beta, but with beta 2, the app has returned and is now fully functional.

Find My iPhone: The Find My iPhone setting in iCloud now offers up new language that specifies that the app will help users "remotely locate, lock, erase, and prevent re-activation" of a lost iPhone.

Siri: Siri requests seem to load much faster with the new iteration of iOS 7 and there are also male and female voice options available. These can be accessed in the General Settings under the Siri heading, which offers a new Voice Gender option. While male and female voices have been available in other languages, this is the first time English male/female voices can be activated.

Control Center: Parts of the Control Center have had a slight redesign, with a new clock icon. The icon, which was previously dark, is now a simple clock outline.

Notifications: Some iOS 7 users were having issues with double notifications, which users report has been fixed in beta 2. Apple's release notes, however, state that some apps "may receive duplicate push notifications or no notification at all."

Reminders: Reminders has had a slight redesign with a new list layout that is more compact than the previous layout, and a new clock icon next to the search bar will allow users to locate scheduled reminders.

iCloud: iCloud Backups are now available once again. The first iOS 7 beta did not support automatic backups.

Spotlight: Searching via Spotlight is much quicker, with results being displayed almost instantaneously with far less of the lag that was present in the first beta.

Messages: The Messages "Send" button is bold and turns green or blue when text is typed. There's also a new bubble animation shown when messages are sent. Swiping to the left on a message will display time stamps. Group chats in Messages also display contact photos next to texts.

Music: The music app has seen a number of bug fixes to correct interface errors and other issues. Lock screen album art has also been repaired for the iPhone 4/4S.

Weather: In the weather app, a new icon on the bottom right of the screen brings up a listing of the weather in all of the cities tracked in the app.

Multitasking: Swiping up to close out apps works much more smoothly on the iPhone 5 following the update to beta 2.

It's marvelous how much creativity and extra value Apple is packing into this new version of iOS.

Source: MacRumors


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Apr 14, 2012
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My iphone 4s always stuck when i open my app.some one can fix it?i installed ios 7 beta 2.


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Sep 24, 2012
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Regina, Canada
My iphone 4s always stuck when i open my app.some one can fix it?i installed ios 7 beta 2.
Have you thought of asking your question in the Apple Developer Forum? It can be accessed from the developer home page.