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iOS 10 Has Some Great New Accessibility Features


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Jun 18, 2010
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iOS 10 has many great new features, including several new accessibility options to help those with motor, vision, hearing, and learning disabilities, writes 9to5 Mac.

First up we have Magnifier, which enables you to use your iPhone camera as a magnifying glass; you can even grab a screen shot of a magnified image if you so wish, and contrast can also be adjusted for improved viewing. Magnifier can be enabled via Settings>General>Accessibility>Magnifier, and then you simply have to tap the home button three times to activate it.

There are also new features to aid vision and hearing, including expanded colour adjustments to help those with colour blindness, such as being able to tinting the display with a specific colour.

For hearing impairment, iOS 10 now supports software TTY, having previously only supported hardware TTY devices. No extra hardware is needed, and it can make calls to non-TTY numbers via your carrier, and will also work with legacy TTY hardware. TTY-specific QuickType predictions are also supported.

And finally, speech selection in iOS 10 is also being improved in order to help people with Dyslexia, and audio feedback will read back text that you’ve typed via VoiceOver.

Source: New for accessibility in iOS 10, macOS, Apple TV & Apple Watch: Magnifier, Dwell Control, taptic time & more

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