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iOMG for iPAD - Fixing the Meeting - FREE in the App Store


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Jan 15, 2012
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iOMG for iPad is designed to allow you to present documents to multiple iPads in a meeting, classroom, training session or can be used by for sales professionals as flip boards during remote presentations.

iOMG is FREE in the AppStore
iOMG for iPad on the iTunes App Store

As the Presenting Host you can control what page is displayed on your attendees devices if they have enabled the AutoSync functionality.

iOMG works over WiFi, 3g and WAN. A meeting session can have attendees from anywhere in the world.

Your attendees can submit their "Opinions and Feedback" during the meeting session. Attendees can even post questions to the meeting session, giving even the shyest of participants a voice. This gives you, the presenter, instant feedback from your attendees.

iOMG is FREE in the app store an provide full functionality for you to host and experience a 30 minute meeting session with one other attendee.

iOMG's In-App purchases will allow you to enable more attendees and longer persistence of meetings.

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iOMG is FREE in the AppStore
iOMG for iPad on the iTunes App Store
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