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Intermittent battery life on 5s


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Jun 20, 2014
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Hi. Just wondering if anyone has any tips re the battery life on my 5s? Some days it lasts well,others it drains pretty fast. Even with similar usage (same apps,time in use etc) Started at 100% this morning,and now already at 68% after only moderate use. Other days it semis to hang around the high 80s all day! Have checked all settings. (Location,brightness etc) and regularly close all my apps down. Any ideas?
Don't manually close your apps. Manually closing apps causes the system to work harder and expend more resources - this is likely the reason for your elevated battery drain. The system manages "housekeeping" quite well and should be left to do just that.

Other tips:
* Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn off background app refresh for apps that you feel don't need this feature - the Facebook app is an offender here.

You can try the above advice and report back so that someone may be able to chime in if you're still experiencing an issue.
Ok. Thanks for that advice. I already have background app refresh set to off. I'll try to get out of the habit of closing all my apps down (I'm a bit OCD about it) and see if that helps.