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Instagram Revamps Browsing Experience With Major Update


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Jun 18, 2010
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The Instagram blog has today announced a major update for the popular photography app. Instagram says that it likes to pick a theme for every major release, and this time around they’ve gone for the browsing experience, by adding Photo Maps, which appears on your profile and lets you display your geotagged photos on a map, as well as letting you view other people’s photos. To ensure privacy though, before your map goes on display to the whole world, you will be asked to view any photos that you’ve previously geotagged, and it will also be very easy for you to remove photos from the map, as well as remove the geo-data, while still keeping the photos on your phone. Aside from this major new feature, user profiles also have a new look, with bigger grid photos to make browsing large photo collections easier. The Explore tab will also have bigger photos, as will the hashtag and location pages. And another really useful tweak for those who like writing long captions, the text box is now larger, making it easier to write and edit longer photo captions. You can also choose to Geotag your photos by setting “Add to your Photo Map” to “On”. Or you can choose to give your photo’s location a specific name.

And that’s not all! Infinite scrolling has been added for when you get to the bottom of the page, so that more photos will now load automatically without you having to tap “load more.” The reporting of individual comments as abuse or spam has also been made a lot easier, and generally speaking, the app has been all round speeded up and optimised, so if you’re on a newer device, you should really notice that.

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Source: Instagram Blog