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Instagram Gets Live Filters, Instant Tilt-Shift and Larger High-Res Photos


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Jun 18, 2010
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The massively popular Instagram iOS photo app gets an upgrade to version 2.0 today, which the Instagram blog, refers to as “one of the largest revamps to the Instagram app since it launched nearly a year ago.” Instagram states that the update ushers in a complete Instagram camera upgrade, as well as a whole new technology layer. Among the new features that this entails are live filters, whereby you will instantly be able to see what a shot would look like with a particular filter before you even take the shot. The filters have also been made more than 200x faster as well to speed up switching between filters. Four new filters have been added to the mix, as a result of fan requests, namely Amaro, Rise, Hudson and Valencia. Other new enhancements include instant tilt-shift, with selective blur over 100X faster than the previous version. Another heavily requested feature that has also been implemented is an increase in photo size, from 612x612 to 1936x1936 on the iPhone 4, and 1536x1536 on the iPhone 3GS. Also, the ability to rotate photos with just one click has been added too. Finally, if you’re not a fan of the previously obligatory borders, you can now turn them on or off to suit your taste. A great app, and free too!

Click here to download the free app: App Store - Instagram

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