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iMessage security breach?


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Nov 11, 2011
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So, this is the situation. Last night my sister and I were texting each other. When all of the sudden a message (inappropriate) was sent from what appeared to be from her iPhone. At first she thought is was from me, but I had immediately texted her back with a "?". She texted "who is this?" and again the "unknown /rogue" texter replied "hahahaha...suck my #@!!'s" I replied. "I will find you..." the rouge testing stopped...(temporarily)
We immediately called both AT&T tech services and Apple Care Technical Services. Apple told my sister that someone accessed her Apple ID account information and that she should change her Apple ID account info by changing her email address (Apple ID) and password. They assured that this should fix this problem. Also to turn off iMessage (which can be used to communicate over WiFi). Well, guess what...this morning the "rogue texter" texted an inappropriate message to my neices baby sitter, from my sister's account. This is very disturbing. Any one out there have or heard of the same or something similar? Any recommendations as to how to fix this or track who has "hacked" into this account? Thoughts???

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