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Images of Apple's In-Ear Headphone Demo Kit Leak Online


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Nearly two weeks ago, we report on how Apple would be allowing customers to try out in-ear headphones within Apple Stores. This seemed crazy and unsanitary at first glance, however Apple decided to give customers their own disposable ear tips, so that testing in-ear headphones was nice and clean.

On Friday, images popped up on the web showing off Apple's 'Demo Kits' for in-ear headphones. The kits currently allow testing for six different types of in-ear headphones including RHA MA450i ($49.95), urBeats ($99.95), Beats Tour ($149.95), JayBird BlueBuds X ($169.95), PowerBeats 2 Wireless ($199.95), and the Bose QC20i ($299.95).

Along with replaceable ear tips, the kit also provides customers with alcohol wipes just to ensure sanitation. We feel these Demo Kits are a big step for Apple's headphones sales, as a survey done by the company stated that nearly 50 percent of customers would like to try in-ear headphones before purchasing.
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