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iCade mobile turns the Apple iPhone into a waterproof PSP clone


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May 27, 2010
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Austin, TX

A while back a device called the iCade for iPad was released. This little device turned your average tablet into an little arcade playing machine. Well, of course it gained a lot of popularity among the population, so guess what? The iCade is looking to catch more costumers into its web and is now coming to the iPhone as well.

The company responsible for these releases is ION Audio, who has been showcasing the new device dubbed iCade Mobile features a D-pad, four face buttons and another four shoulder buttons. You can use the iCade with your iPhone standing horizontally or vertically, it doesn’t really matter. So far as we can tell, the gizmo is easy to use and has a lot of potential as well.

The iCade comes in with a built in action game – Super Mega Worm, but be advised that because of heavy Bluetooth use, its battery life may not be very extensive. If you’re not into PSP, don’t worry, you were not left out of ION Audio’s thoughts. Just grab the iCade Jr. It’s already available for display at the CES, just as a non-working prototype. In theory, the device should allow play in portrait mode or landscape via two hooks at the edges.

The company has announced that the iCade Mobile will become available this year for the costly price of $79.99. No exact date has been set concerning the availability in stores. The price doesn’t make it to accessible for the regular game geek but iPhone owners might be tempted to extend their play time with this new invention.

Source: techland.time.com