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i-phone 5, Calender Appointments - Repeat


New Member
I can't find a way to repeat a calendar event like had a doctors appointment today & need to see him in 2 weeks.
You can just go into the current appointment & change the date n time but then you loose the history of appointments with notes that I write.
Be good if you could have a repeat option so all the info stays the same that I input but select a different date n time.
Also lets say I have an appointment with one of my contacts... Be nice to go to your contact, have an option to create meeting or appointment with that person so all the details such as phone numbers, address, birthday just goes into a calendar appointment & all you have to do is select date n time plus any specific notes.
I may have missed something but I don't think you can do any of that & it's therefore time consuming & having to keep inputting details.