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I Phone 4 Background light


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Mar 2, 2012
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My IPhone has developed a problem with the background light. It a number of weeks ago but after a few minutes it would come back on so I didn't worry too much. Anyway last night I thought I would plug it into ITunes and get any updates to see if that would help, during this the screen went again and won't come back on, and plus the updates would not work because it came up with an error code. Not too worried I called Tesco mobile because I thought I hadn't had the phone over 12 months..................Yeah you guessed it............ I bought it on 3/02/2011, so the warranty has just run out. To top it all the phone is like new because it hardly gets used. I always use another phone for work to save it getting damaged, but end up using this phone most of the time. I Would be surprised if the IPhone has had more that a months worth of use. The phone is always kept in a case and has never seen water. Anyone know what my best options are regarding getting it fixed?

Thanks for any help.

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